2018 “Spring into Summer” Transformation Challenge
Open to All EFF Members
April 16th-June 14th (60 Days)


Objective- This challenge is open to everyone and a great opportunity to get ready for summer!! Whether you want lose weight, gain muscle, or just get more active within a supportive community this challenge is for you! The winners will be  selected by our panel of Fit Pros and they will be judging most significant transformation (weight loss or muscle gain) through measurements, before and after photos, and transformation essay written by participant!

Start Date:  April 16th or April 17th  2018- All Measurements, Before Pictures, and $20 registration fee paid.
End Date:  June 14th or June 15th 2018-  All Measurements, After Pictures, and Essay must be turned in.

Starting Requirements:
Each participant will need to have:

  • starting measurements (Taken by EFF Trainer and verified by an additional EFF Team member- Weight and Bodyfat %)
  • before picture (Taken by EFF Trainer in form fitting athletic apparel)
  • Invite to EFF Community Facebook support page
  • $20 registration paid

Ending Requirements:
In order to qualify for the contest prizes, each participant must complete:

  • Final measurements (Taken By EFF Trainer and verified by an additional EFF Team member- Weight and Bodyfat%)
  • After picture (Taken by EFF Trainer in form fitting athletic apparel
  • 3 x’s per week of activity FB Check-In or Club App Check-In (Verified by panel)
  • Transformation Essay (Due by June 18th- Carlos@EdgeFamilyFitness.com)

This is not necessarily a weight loss contest as the judges will base decisions off of the largest overall transformation of measurements whether the goal was bodyfat loss or muscle gain. This is a transformation challenge and will be judged by our panel of fit pros. We will take into consideration the following items to determine 1 male and 1 female challenge winner- Measurements, Before and After Picture (Taken by EFF Trainer in form fitting athletic apparel), and Transformation Essay.

Prizes:  In addition to getting started towards the best health and fitness condition of your life, you will be eligible for the following prizes.  There will be 2 Categories.  Male and Female- The challenge winners for each category will earn $500 and 6 months free membership!! Winners will be announced at the June 20th EFF Anniversary Party and will be determined by the EFF panel of Fit Pros.

Winners will be determined by EFF Panel of Fit Pros and Announced on June 20th 2018:

  • Overall measurements
  • Before and After Photo
  • Personal transformation Essay (Due by June 18th – Carlos@EdgeFamilyFitness.com)

Proof of workout participation. 3x week check in via FB  and/or EFF Club App